Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Zoo and Happy Spring Break!

We had a fun and furious week this week at the Sunshine Farm. We have been
wrapping up our Information Text Unit and celebrated this Animal Study at the Jacksonville Zoo! We are rather the Habitat Experts if I do say so myself and impressed our parents and our zoo expert with our Animal Schema! What a fun day :D!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Painted Lady Butterflies Slideshow

Watching our Painted Ladies grow and change was magical! We watched them eat and eat some more as caterpillars and molt and spin their webs as they prepared for their big change.Then like a magic act, they disappeared behind their chrysalis and emerged as butterflies! What fun to record and observe such an amazing metamorphosis!

The Butterfly Release Party!

Paired with our Kindergarten Butterfly Buddies, we prepared to release our Painted Lady Butterflies. We have greatly enjoyed watching them progress from caterpillar to butterfly and teaching Ms. S's class about them each step of the way. Five of our students shared their Butterfly Research with our Kindergarten friends in a question and answer session before we released our butterflies into their new environment. Go Butterflies Go!

Friday, March 4, 2011


As always our book fairy, Ms. KK is always thinking of ways to get books into the hands of our students! The other day, she introduced our class to http://www.wegivebooks.org/.

After creating an account your student will have access to many online books for free!

Simply choose the charity you want to read for and then select the books you want to read. For each book you read online, they will donate a book to a leading literacy group on your behalf.

You can even choose which charity you would like to donate to :).

The more you read, the more they give!

So far142,903 books have been donated!

Sign-up today for an account and get reading :D!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hurray for Habitats!

Our newest Essential Question in Science is "What is a Habitat?" We began our discussion today by relating what we already have learned about Habitats in Kindergarten and First Grade. We know what habitats are called, some examples of animals may live in different habitats, and some of the things animals need to survive. Our students shared questions to help us focus specifically on how animals survive and grow in their habitat. One of our students asked, "How can camouflage helps an animal?"

Camouflage, we are finding out, is vital to the survival of animals in their habitats. As one our students put it, "Camouflage keeps another animal from biting them!" Today, we played with camouflage and tried to hide our creature from our friends who played the part of a predator. See if you can spot our hidden moths.

We also had a coachroach try to play our game. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't camouflaged!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Build Your Own Habitat!

Play this game to create the perfect habitat for several living things :D!